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World Day for Laboratory Animals

World Day for Laboratory Animals 2023

Monday 24 April is World Day for Laboratory Animals, originally started in the 1979 to commemorate the lives of laboratory animals.

This short educational activity is aimed at ages 11-16 (Key stages 3&4) and could be used in

  • Tutor groups
  • Science, citizenship or PSHE lessons as a starter activity
  • Assemblies

It can be accessed by clicking the button below and entering your details to receive your free copy.

Please note we have made the activity editable so that teachers and parents can edit to personal needs or accessibility requirements. Please be respectful and do not alter the content of the slides.

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Craft along with FRAME

We have also put together a craft activity to mark the day with younger children. Whether for a school non-uniform day or some family fun, this fun kid-friendly craft is a great way to bring attention to the day and one of the most used animals in medical experiments – mice.

Craft along with FRAME

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