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Rebekah Conway

Rebekah Conway is Vice Chair of the Trustee board

Rebekah gained a BA Hons in English and Creative Writing in 2012. She began working in digital marketing in 2015 with specialisms in SEO and content marketing. She has written for Moz and Search Engine Journal, both leading publications in the digital marketing sector, and has appeared on numerous webinars and podcasts. She has also shared her knowledge at digital marketing events, including speaking on the main stage at one of Europe’s largest SEO conferences. 

Today, she works in the travel industry full-time as an SEO Manager, is part of the company Green Team and DE&I committee, and is studying for a diploma in sustainable marketing part-time. She is a CIM ACIM Member and Carbon Literacy certified.

“For a while, I struggled with marketing ethics – encouraging people to keep buying without considering the impact their purchase had on people and the planet. When I discovered the concept of sustainable marketing, I realised that marketers can do some good in the world. 

Supporting FRAME as a trustee lets me further use my knowledge and skills to make the world a better place through communicating and educating on the feasibility of medical research with full respect for other species sharing our planet. 

I have seen first-hand the impact of breakthrough medicine on a loved one’s quality and longevity of life. If more can be done without causing harm to another living being, then that is a cause I am honoured to be involved with.”

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