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Professor David Kendall


Professor David Kendall

Professor David Kendall is a FRAME trustee.

David is a pharmacologist who was an academic in the University of Nottingham Medical School from 1985 until 2015 when he left to work as Chief Scientific Officer with a small drug discovery company that he co-founded.

David currently holds positions as Professor Emeritus in Pharmacology at the University of Nottingham and Visiting Professor at the School of Pharmacy in Liverpool. His research career was and continues to be focussed on understanding how drugs work in brain diseases and chronic pain states and the development of new medicines.

David joined the FRAME Board of Trustees in 2000 and he takes a particular interest in the research activities carried out by the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory.

He believes that although experiments using animals have yielded information important to advancing public health, it is now clear that there is a scientific as well as a moral imperative to find better ways of doing biomedical research without the use of animals.

What it means to be a Trustee of FRAME:

“FRAME has always taken a lead in promoting the 3Rs and it has meant a lot to me to be able to support the drive to move away, whenever feasible, from employing animals in academic and commercial research. For me, the opportunity to interact with like-minded people from different walks of life and with different skills and experience has been incredibly rewarding.”

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