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Dr Anna Cadogan




Dr Anna Cadogan

Anna has a first-class degree in Physiology and Pharmacology, a PhD in Neuropharmacology and an MSc in Forensic Science.

She has worked in various research roles at Queen’s Medical Centre and now dedicates herself to charity work within the diabetes field, alongside supporting FRAME.

As a scientist Anna is well-aware of the limitations of animal models that are used in scientific research and the potential benefits of using cultured cells. FRAME’s commitment to its Three Rs policy is the reason why she supports FRAME.

What it means to be a Trustee of FRAME:

I was drawn to FRAME, having been encouraged by my old boss, Professor David Kendall, as I am passionate about the alternatives to animals in medical experiments.  I fully endorse the 3Rs of Russell and Birch – reduction, refinement and replacement and am thrilled that FRAME shares my goals with regard to replacement.  So, to be a Trustee for FRAME is simply the icing on the cake.

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