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Research, education, and policy

FRAME believes education and collaboration are key to replacing animals in medical experiments. We work directly with researchers, institutes, and policymakers to ensure where replacements exist, they’re being utilised, and where they don’t, we provide funding to create them. 

Fundraising and communications

FRAME couldnt exist without donations. From funding the FRAME Lab and publishing ALTA to political lobbying and empowering the next generation of scientists. Here are the people raising funds and keeping you updated on our work. 

The ATLA team

ALTA is a key scientific peer-reviewed journal showcasing the viability of non-animal research and testing. With a focus on original research papers, letters, book reviews and articles, meet the team editing, reviewing and publishing these innovative articles. 

Finance, HR, and Executive Support

This is the team making sure FRAME is running as efficiently as possible so we can make the maximum impact in our goal to replace animals in biomedical research. 


As the first laboratory dedicated to non-animal research in the UK, the FRAME Labs provides space and funding for human-based in vitro research. Here’s the researchers helping building a more humane future. 

FRAME trustees

Our board of volunteer trustees help guide our efforts to ensure we operate ethically and achieve our goal of replacing animal testing with human-relevant science. Meet the current board of trustees. 

President and founder

Going back to the beginning, here are the people involved in the very first iterations of FRAME. From the lab founder to the life president, FRAME wouldn’t be here without these people. 

How to get involved

FRAME has spent over 50 years dedicated to replacing animals in medical experiments. Find out more about how we’re making a difference by reading our latest impact report. 

There are many ways you can get involved and support an end to animal experimentation. We’re grateful for any support you can give to help ensure a better future for animals and humans. 

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