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Who We Are

Our vision is a world where no animal suffers for science

Who we are

FRAME exists to further the replacement of laboratory animals in any kind of medical or scientific procedure.

For more than 50 years we have actively funded and promoted alternatives to animal testing. FRAME is an independent charity, funded by corporate and individual donations and legacies.

FRAME was founded in London in 1969 by animal lover Dorothy Hegarty who believed the arguments of anti-vivisection organisations at the time were too simplistic to achieve their aim. FRAME was set up to promote and assist research into new techniques and valid scientific substitutes to replace animal research in medical, biological and pharmaceutical research. Since the inception of the charity, FRAME is proud to have worked with influential figures in the Government, industry and academia to bring change across many areas of animal testing and continues to do so today.

We develop and share cutting edge new human-centred methods for studying disease via the FRAME Laboratory, and ensure that scientific advances in the field are disseminated via our peer-reviewed journal ATLA and available channels.

FRAME promotes the use of non-animal methods through activities such as campaigning, funding and the publication of research, and through our educational work and resources. We promote robust scientific methods and available non-animal techniques and their benefits, to the current scientific community and scientists of the future.

Through our own research, FRAME is continually investigating and developing new methods at the forefront of science. We also collaborate with other organisations, industry and laboratories across a wide range of biological and medical fields to help advance science and bring change.

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