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Summer Studentship Programme

Summer Studentship Programme

The FRAME Studentship Programme provides grants to undergraduates to undertake research projects in an area relating to the development of alternative methods.  This programme provides opportunities for students to develop key research skills whilst enthusing potential pioneers of future non-animal research methods.

The annual Summer Studentship Programme aims to be an incubator for the alternatives researchers of the future. Undergraduate students today have the potential to play key roles in developing, refining and implementing alternative, human-based methods and help achieve our vision of a future in which non-animal methods are the scientific first choice. Relevant projects for these awards most often include laboratory work, but might also take the form of social science research into behaviour and policy influences on uptake and barriers to achieving change.  Occasionally, FRAME will offer specific project briefs according to its current strategic priorities for students to apply to.

The FRAME Summer Studentship Programme

The FRAME Summer Studentship Programme was launched in 2019 and provides grant funding for students looking to undertake a summer research project. These projects may not have been planned as an alternative to the use of laboratory animals but should have the potential to advance knowledge or techniques which will help lead to the replacement of animals in research.

The Summer Studentship Programme runs annually and applications usually open in January.

The 2021 Summer Studentship Programme

We are now taken applications for the 2021 Summer Studentship Programme. Download an application form.

The FRAME Summer Studentship awards are offered for any relevant project that will help with the development or implementation of human-relevant scientific methods and/or support the replacement of animals in research and testing. This might include the development of practical laboratory methods or computational techniques; the testing of novel ideas or proof of principle projects; in vitro model development; desk-based research, reviews, or surveys; meta-analysis or systematic reviews; or tools for education or knowledge sharing.

The proposed projects must have the potential to be carried out and completed this year under the current pandemic restrictions. Please consider this before applying for a Summer Studentship grant.

Studentship Details

  • Two studentship awards will be available for Summer 2021.
  • Duration: 6 – 10 weeks
  • Stipend: £250 per week
  • Consumables & research costs: Up to £1000 maximum.

Eligibility and Application Information

  • Applicants must be associated with Universities or Research Institutes within the UK. The applicant must be supported or advised by an academic project supervisor based there who can act as the grant holder.
  • Applicants must be undergraduate or master’s student.
  • Applications must be made by the student and contain the information and support documents specified. The application should be written by the student, with guidance from the project supervisor.
  • The application must include:
    • Main aims of project
    • Lay summary
    • An explanation of how the project has the potential to reduce animal use or advance alternative techniques.
    • Plan of work (with timescales/Gantt chart)
    • Simple budget outlining research costs (we do not anticipate significant costs for this work beyond the stipend)
    • Student personal statement.
    • References – including supporting statement from project supervisor.
    • Academic transcript of current grades.
  • The deadline for applications is Sunday 30th May 2021. Applications can be filled in and emailed to Download an application form.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel including academic experts and FRAME trustees.
  • Applications will be judged on the quality of the application itself, the fit with FRAME’s mission, the potential of the research to replace animals, scientific relevance, cost, achievability, and the possibility of the work leading to future research opportunities.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by the beginning of June 2021. Unless requested, feedback on unsuccessful applications will not be provided.
  • Successful applicants must submit a report of minimum 1500 words within 3 months of the project completion. Reports must be of publishable quality. There may be an opportunity to cover them in the scientific journal Alternatives to Laboratory Animals (ATLA). Download our report writing guidance.
  • Successful applicants are encouraged to support any PR or publicity relating to the summer internships to gain valuable experience in science communication, and to benefit and promote the activities of FRAME and The FRAME Alternatives Laboratory.
  • Read more in the Terms and Conditions document which must be accepted by the host institution, project supervisor and the student applying.

Additional information about the 2021 Summer Studentship Programme.

Previous projects


Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we were still keen to support undergraduate research projects. Lockdown meant that many grants for practical research projects had to be postponed, as students and supervisors were unable to carry out laboratory work. To ensure we could continue to support students, we decided to redirect the funds during 2020 to allow applications for desk-based research projects and reviews only.

We were pleased to receive a number of interesting applications for our revised grant call and to be able to award three grants due to the reduced costs associated with the desk-based projects.

The funded projects were:

Find out more about the 2020 FRAME Summer Studentship Programme projects.


We launched the FRAME Summer Studentship Programme in 2019 and were delighted to receive a number of interesting applications featuring research projects relating to the development of alternatives to animal use in research.

We selected two projects, you can read their final reports here:

Find out more about the 2019 FRAME Summer Studentship Projects.

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