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What We Do
What we do

FRAME works to improve scientific efficiency and outcomes by replacing the use of animals in research and testing.


What we do

FRAME works to improve scientific efficiency and outcomes by replacing the use of animals in research and testing in medical and bioscience research, and drug discovery and testing for human health.

We consider that the prevailing paradigm of animal use in research is out of line both with scientific evidence, and social progress in terms of attitudes towards animals.  The current system is configured around this working model and there are many forces that act to make change difficult both at an individual and a system level.  We believe that lasting change involves engaging all stakeholders – current and future scientists, regulators, funders, journal editors, and the public – in debate about how to move towards a more accurate, efficient and humane model of biomedical research.

To achieve this, we structure our activities around three key pillars:

Funding Research

To ensure that scientific methods for biomedical research that improve upon the use of animals continue to be developed and implemented.

Key activities in this strand include continuing to fund the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory (FAL), the oldest centre of excellence in alternatives research in the UK, as well as funding our studentship programme and our new innovation funding stream.

Sharing information

To ensure that information about non-animal methods, how to find them, and how to use them, is shared as widely as possible within the scientific community at all levels.

This strand incorporates all our dissemination, education and training work, including ATLA and the FRAME Training School.

Creating change

To actively promote uptake of non-animal methods, ensure that barriers to adoption are reduced, and constructively challenge the inherent problems of animal models.

Activities falling into this category are diverse and may include public campaigns but also work ‘behind the scenes’ to influence hearts and minds.


You can read more about some our projects and activities in each area on the following pages.

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