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General Election 2024

Create a better future for animals and humans this general election

The 2024 General Election is your chance to have your say and help create a world where no animal suffers for science.

When is the next general election?

The next general election will be on Thursday 4th July 2024.

If you’re not already registered to vote, make sure you do so by Tuesday 18th June on the gov website.

Remember: you need to show photo ID at the polling station to be able to vote. 

Find your local polling station.

Our manifesto pledges and work

At the start of the year, we sent a briefing to MPs, calling for them to support our manifesto pledges on the replacement of animals in research and improvements to the current research system.

FRAME is calling for the next Government to:

  1. Uphold commitments made by the Government in February 2024 including doubling funding to UKRI for 3Rs work, restarting the public attitudes to animal research survey, and publishing a plan to accelerate the development, validation and uptake of technologies and methods to reduce reliance on the use of animals in science.
  2. Create and commit to a cross-departmental science strategy with a focus on the replacement of animals, within funding, regulatory processes, and scientific innovation.
  3. Strengthen implementation of existing legislation to ensure opportunities to avoid animal use in science are being more thoroughly explored and utilised.
  4. Commitments to increase transparency and openness around animal research to ensure information is available to guide future developments in non-animal research, and support the responsible and pragmatic phase-out of obsolete animal tests.

What have the parties promised so far?

Both Labour and the Green Party have committed to phasing out animal testing if elected:

Labour has shared:

“The party will promise to publish a roadmap to end the use of animals in the scientific testing of products. In the first year of a Labour government, a board of experts will be tasked with coming up with the plan to phase out the use of dogs, minipigs and rabbits in testing. This will include an end to medical testing when scientific alternatives allow.” – Exclusive quote from Labour to the Mirror.

And in their manifesto, the Green Party has stated:

“Greens oppose the importation of monkeys for use in labs, and will work towards an outright ban on all animal testing. We would also end the use of live animals in military training and support the production, promotion and transition to non-animal technologies for use in experiments”

– The Green Party

The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have outlined commitments to research and development within the medical field, but they’ve made no specific commitments to replacing animals in science or increasing funding into non-animal research. 

We’ll update you on other parties once manifestos are released.

How can you make a difference this election?

You can find all the MP candidates for your constituency using Who Can I Vote For.

This will give you information on their contact details, party information, and election history if they have previously run for office. If they have previously been elected as an MP, you will also be able to see their parliamentary history and voting record.

Getting in touch with local politicians is a great way to make sure they know the causes that are important to their constituency. If you’ve never done this, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here’s our top tips for contacting your MP candidates via email or letter:

  • Keep emails and letters as brief as possible.
    • In the run-up to the election, MP candidates are contacted by thousands of people. Keeping your letter or email short and to the point gives it a better chance of getting their attention. Limit it to 3-4 paragraphs, including a clear introduction to the issue, and what you want your candidates to do.
  • Make sure your facts are accurate.
    • It’s important to be accurate with your information, particularly around animal research where there’s often a lot of misinformation.
    • MP candidates may have some knowledge of animal research, but they’re unlikely to be experts on the topic. You can help provide them with important facts.
  • Explain why the issue is important
    • Why is this issue so important to you? Why should they care? Copy and pasted emails are often filtered as spam in inboxes so a personal touch will go a long way
  • Include your name and address
    • Due to parliamentary protocol, MPs can only respond to correspondence from members of their constituency. Include your address in any correspondence to ensure your email or letter is read, and only contact your own MP candidates.

For a quick way to get in touch, you can contact your MP candidates on social media. Whether you create your own post, or reshare FRAME’s General Election content, it’s a great way to reach out directly.


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