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Find Research Funding

Find Research Funding

To read more about FRAME funding opportunities go to our main grant funding page.

Our two main funding schemes are our:

  • Summer Studentship scheme which offers small grants for undergraduates to carry out a short summer research project in an area related to the development or progress of non-animal research methods.
  • Innovation Grant scheme which provides small grants for pilot projects and proof of principle studies that will support the replacement of animals in biomedical research.

A number of other organisations also offer funding for 3Rs and alternatives research on a regular or occasional basis, including:  

  • NC3Rs A UK-based scientific organisation dedicated to helping the research community worldwide to identify, develop and use 3Rs technologies and approaches.
  • AFRUK Animal Free Research UK began in 1970 when the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), now called Cruelty Free International, set up the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research in honour of its former president, Dr Walter Hadwen. They are a grant-giving trust, set up to award grants to scientists to help replace the use of animals in medical research and split from the BUAV in 1980.
  • The Humane Research Trust The Humane Research Trust are committed to a future where the use of animals and animal-derived tissue is obsolete in all medical research projects throughout the world.
  • UFAW The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare is an internationally recognised, independent, scientific and educational animal welfare charity concerned with improving knowledge and understanding of animals’ needs. 
  • CAAT The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT), founded in 1981, is part of the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, with a European branch (CAAT-Europe) located at the University of Kostanz, Germany. They promote humane science by supporting the creation, development, validation, and use of alternatives to animals in research, product safety testing, and education.
  • Lush Prize The Lush Prize offers a global prize fund to support initiatives to end or replace animal testing. It is the largest prize fund in the non-animal testing sector, with a prize fund of £250,000.
  • ARDF Established in 1993, the Alternatives Research & Development Foundation (ARDF) has been a mainstay of support for developing alternatives to animal-based methods in science. Through grant programs, achievement awards and sponsorship of scientific conferences, ARDF advances high quality scientific research that aims to replace and reduce the use of animals.
  • MRC and BBSRC 

If you are aware of any funding schemes in line with FRAME’s mission please let us know and we can help to promote it as widely as possible. 

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine also holds a list of possible funding sources.


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