Vision & values

Vision & values


Our vision is a world where non-animal methods are accepted as scientific best practice.

FRAME’s ultimate aim is the elimination of the need to use laboratory animals in any kind of medical or scientific procedures.


We inspire change, by questioning and constructively challenging the use of animals in scientific and medical research.

Our approach is research-led and considered, using expert scientific sources to demonstrate that humane and human-focussedscience is better science.

We work with academics, industry scientists, policy-makers and regulators .  We don’t dictate, berate or preach; we stand alongside those working within the sector to create practical solutions for better human health.

We act prudently and creatively, using our resources strategically to create maximum impact.

We are supportive of our staff and community, open to new ideas and viewpoints and loyal to our supporters and partners.  We seek to inform, inspire and nurture the next generation of researchers.