Dr Judith Madden PhD - Editor-in-chief, ATLA

Dr Judith Madden is the editorinchief of FRAME’s international, peer-reviewed journal, ATLA, (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals) that is published six times a year by SAGE.  

At Liverpool John Moores University Judith is a lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciencea member of the Chemoinformatics Research group, and Reader in Molecular Design at the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences. 

She holds a Dual Honours Degree in Pharmacology and Chemistry from the University of Sheffield and a PhD in computer-aided drug development from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), and worked as a post-doctoral research associate, studying pharmacokinetics, at the University of Manchester before returning to LJMU as a lecturer in Pharmaceutical Science. 

Judith has a particular interest in predicting activity, toxicity and ADME properties of chemicals using a range of computer modelling and simulation (in silico) methods, focused on the development of alternatives to animal testing.   

As editor-in-chief of ATLA, she is responsible for promoting the journal to all researchers and stakeholders interested in the development and use of alternatives to laboratory animals, and aims to highlight the diversity of research in the area, to encourage debate and publication of the science and the issues involved. She also ensures ATLA’s scientific rigour and has overall responsibility for assessing the suitability of submitted papers, arranging for peer-reviews, and making final decisions regarding publication.