FRAME’s Connections & Influence

FRAME’s science-led approach and reputation has enabled us to develop an enviable network of influential connections. These connections are important in helping us to achieve our mission of replacing animals in medical experiments. We also utilise our network for the benefit of our collaborators and supporters.

Government Connections

FRAME has continually promoted the need to find alternatives to animals and was instrumental in setting up the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Animals in Medical Experiments and advises its members. We were also one of the driving forces behind the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, which forms the basis of current legislation as amended by EU law.

Established links to clinical collaborators

Researchers at the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory work closely with surgeons at a nearby hospital to investigate human diseases. They use ethically-gathered human tissues, obtained with informed consent, to ensure their work is more directly relevant to the conditions being studied.

Association with scientific partners

FRAME’s determination to base its aims on science, rather than opinion means that it is respected by similar researchers and organisations. We are therefore able to collaborate with those who are working at the forefront of non-animal research and maintain vital links across many fields of scientific and medical experimentation.

FRAME connections