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Summer Studentships 2020 Gréta Utassy

Researcher: Gréta Utassy

Location: Cardiff University

Gréta Utassy is studying for a degree in BSc Neuroscience at Cardiff University. Gréta first came across the 3Rs principles whilst studying for her degree which sparked her interest in the area, and has chosen to focus her project on the use of GM (genetically modified) animals.

Academic attitudes towards the use of GM (genetically modified) animals

Gréta is planning to carry out surveys and interviews to review academic attitudes to animal use, particularly around the use of GM animals and their continued use in areas where there are alternative methods available. Her project hopes to provide a snapshot of teaching content, views and research practices across academics, students, researchers, and members of Animal Ethics Committees (AECs) from a selection of research intensive universities.

The aim of her project is to critically evaluate the educational and research aspects of animal use (especially use of GM animals) across these universities. She hopes the surveys will help identify areas of human disease research where GM animal use is widespread, despite limited progress in research using GM animal lines.

Gréta starts her professional training year this autumn and hopes the project will help her to develop her research skills outside of the laboratory to enable her to fulfil her ambition of completing a PhD, and going on to work in the field of mental health and neuroscience.

Gréta’s project Modelling Alzheimer’s Disease: Good Intentions, Poor Choices?

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