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Media Information

Welcome to the FRAME Press Office. In this section you will find relevant media information. We are also here help with all your media enquiries about FRAME.

FRAME welcomes approaches from the media.

For expert comments, interviews, images and information, please contact FRAME directly:

Phone: 0300 030 1016



 FRAME is a charitable incorporated organisation with registration number: 1176266.

FRAME is a biomedical research charity committed to supporting the timely development and implementation of scientifically valid methods, which will provide reliable data and replace the need for animal experiments in medical and scientific research, education, and testing.

FRAME’s vision is a world where non-animal methods are accepted as scientific best practice.

Where the use of animals is currently necessary, FRAME supports the reduction of numbers involved to a minimum and refinement of experimental procedures to minimise the impact of those experiments on animals used.

FRAME’s work is based around four strategic goals:

  1. Funding research to ensure that scientific methods for biomedical research that improve upon the use of animals continue to be developed and implemented.
  2. Sharing information to ensure that information about non-animal methods and how to find and use them is shared as widely as possible within the scientific community at all levels.
  3. Creating change to actively promote uptake of non-animal methods, ensure that barriers to adoption are reduced, and engaging in constructive challenge around the inherent problems of animal models.
  4. Ensuring FRAME is a resilient organisation with sufficient skills, support and income to continue its work in the long term.

The charity was founded in London in 1969 by Dorothy Hegarty. FRAME promotes the elimination of the need to use laboratory animals through various activities including campaigning, publication of a scientific journal (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals, ATLA), office-based and laboratory research and through its educational work. Through its laboratory and desk-based research, FRAME is continually investigating and developing new methods at the forefront of science. It also collaborates with other organisations, industries and laboratories across a wide range of biological and medical fields.

FRAME’s latest news, comments and press releases can be viewed in our Latest section.

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Useful information and resources about the use of animals in medical and scientific research, education, and testing.

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