Media information

Media information

FRAME believes in the development of better scientific methods for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. We are keen to work with the media to share our research and viewpoints.

Our ultimate aim is the elimination of the need to use laboratory animals in any kind of medical or scientific procedures. We accept that a total end to their use cannot be achieved immediately.

Where the use of animals is currently necessary, we support the reduction of numbers involved to an unavoidable minimum, along with the refinement of the experimental procedures to minimise any suffering caused.

Through our own laboratory and desk-based research, we are continually investigating and developing new methods at the forefront of science.

We are open to sharing our research and information to help educate and raise awareness of animal alternatives.  Our experts are available to discuss issues relating to animal use in laboratories, the Three Rs and animal alternatives.

If you would like further information on our work, a comment or to arrange an interview, please contact us using the following details.

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