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Funding research that develops and increases the uptake of non-animal approaches across all areas of research and testing has always been core to FRAME’s charitable work. Today this includes research that helps progress human-relevant methods for use in preclinical testing, toxicity testing, human disease, or basic research. Due to the breadth of research areas and projects we may fund, we are currently looking to appoint volunteers, with expertise in a range of scientific disciplines and methodologies, to our new FRAME Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP). Members of the SAP will provide scientific support for processes such as reviewing grant application proposals, proofreading reports, and providing advice or guidance on scientific queries that help support our work.  

As a member of the panel your expertise will provide a valuable resource to support our charitable work and help inform our messaging, projects, and funding decisions. In return you will benefit from recognition and increased visibility as a researcher, opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge, and potential to be involved in FRAME peer-to-peer networking opportunities or collaborations. 

Skills & Experience 

This opportunity is open to both experienced academics and early career or postdoctoral researchers. The minimum requirement is a PhD and authorship on a published paper in a relevant area.  

We are looking for panel members with specific scientific research experience most likely from an industry or academic background. This experience may relate to basic, translational, applied research, or regulatory testing in any area that is, or would benefit from human-relevant methods.  This includes areas where laboratory animals have been used historically or are still widely used today but New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) are being developed. This may for example be in preclinical testing, medical device development, a specific area of toxicity testing or disease research.  

We are keen to hear from you if you have experience in a relevant in vitro or in silico skill area such as computational modelling, artificial intelligence, body imaging technology, cell culture and scaffolding techniques, micro-physiological system use and development, or other novel non-animal-based approaches to research and testing. 

This is an exciting time to get involved as we grow our capacity at FRAME and look to support innovative projects that seek to use non-animal scientific and medical research methods.  

Role description and benefits 

The responsibilities of members include: 

Supporting the application review process by undertaking peer review of grant applications.  

Advising and supporting the staff team in monitoring our portfolio of projects. 

Supporting our strategic goals of funding research, sharing information and creating change. 

Champion FRAME’s mission and charitable purpose. 

We encourage applications from scientists with the following experience: 

  • Experienced in peer reviewing proposals for grant funding. 
  • Experience of working with other research funding panels, including non-animal models (desirable). 
  • Supporting students and early career researchers. 
  • Adhering to the principles of good grant making (fair, transparent and effective).  

Further information 

When members of the panel are involved in a grant review process, they will be required to attend an anticipated minimum of two virtual meetings per year. We would expect members to volunteer for a minimum of 12 months on the panel and hopefully find it rewarding enough to continue after this.

There will be some preparatory work in the lead-up to the meetings, therefore, members need to plan for work prior to the meetings and all members should be available, via email, outside of these meetings to receive relevant documents.  

To apply, please email with a copy of your CV and a cover letter outlining your interest in the role including your background, experience and relevant skills. 

The closing date for this role is 25th March 2022. 

Download the full volunteer job description.

Read more about FRAME Grant programmes and the research we fund on our funding page.  

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