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Good news stories from 2023

When you’re working to make a monumental change, like a global end to animal research and testing, it can be hard to take time out and focus on the positive. But it’s the small changes that build up and create the momentum needed for the big ones!  

With that in mind, this January we wanted to share some of the inspirational, positive non-animal research news stories that’ve stood out to us.  

We’d love to hear your good news stories as well.

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Lucinda, Digital Engagement Manager

My favourite positive news story came from the US when the FDA announced they’ll no longer require animal tests for human drug trials! Cultural and societal barriers to replacing animals in research are huge so this sent a real message of confidence in non-animal methods’ validity and safety at an institutional level. I hope more countries follow suit and make non-animal methods an explicit part of their legal framework. 

Celean Camp
Celean, CEO

I’m always most inspired by the exciting research being done, and most importantly, being successfully done with no animal ‘methods’. For 2023 my favourite story was from the amazing Dr Roger Domingo-Roca and his team at the University of Strathclyde. You can learn more about their inspirational work in our twitter thread.

Amy Beale and Tully the horse
Amy, Head of Policy and Programmes

The NC3Rs report highlighting the challenges faced by people working within the animal research regulatory environment to ensure replacement is front and centre. This may not seem like a positive news story, but it’s had a really positive impact on our work to replace animal research. We’ve been very aware of the shortcomings in the current regulatory frameworks, but the acknowledgement of these failures in the report has provided new evidence to feed into our policy work, driving more productive conversations with Government; and hopefully, soon, some meaningful change!

Juliet Dukes
Juliet, Research Manager

For me, it was the letter written by Prof David Main, Chair of the Animals in Science Committee, to the Secretary of State, saying that they believe the UK is at a significant juncture in the drive to accelerate the development and uptake of new non-animal technologies (NATs) and new approach methodologies (NAMs). The Animals in Science Committee stating that the time for the UK to take the initiative is now, is significant progress in the right directionaway from the use of animals in science! 

Catriona Sinclair
Catriona, Head of Fundraising and Communications

If I have to pick just one story from last year, it’d have to be our fabulous Summer Studentship winner Bobbi Anderson. Not only was her research into genetic mutations in breast cancer truly inspiring but she also placed real value on communicating her research to others. As evidenced by her winning the Interns Public Communications Award at the University of Strathclyde for her work. Well done Bobbi! 


Jessie Hellier
Jessie, Policy Officer

I’ve picked the Home Secretary announcing a ban on animal testing licences for chemicals used exclusively in cosmetic ingredients. This followed a judicial review brought about by Cruelty Free International, where the Government confirmed that animal tests were being conducted purely for cosmetics ingredients. Instating this licensing ban was a long overdue, but a fantastic step in the right direction to phasing out animal testing across the UK and showing the country as a leader in this area.


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Get in touch with your good news stories

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