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5 May 2020 is Giving Tuesday Now – a response to COVID-19

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of unity in response to Coronavirus. A day where everyone can come together to recognise, celebrate and give thanks for the incredible outpouring of compassion we have witnessed during this crisis.

Not only is this an opportunity to show the gratitude for what so many frontline and key workers have been doing over the past few weeks and months and say thank you to those who have kept us going through this challenging time, it is also a day to support charities. 

During this time, FRAME continues to fund and promote non-animal research techniques that will benefit human health. At the Nottingham University based FRAME Alternatives Laboratory (FAL) desk-based work and research continues to support the development of human-based systems that are better and more relevant to humans than current animal models.

The FAL’s incredible team of researchers, academics and scientists is also providing testing support for COVID-19. Longer term, research using human relevant models should provide more reliable and hopefully quicker routes to market for drugs and vaccines. 


FRAME’s vision is a future without the need for laboratory animals in testing and research, but that future can’t happen without financial support from our supporters and benefactors, and invaluable donations. Our recent survey found that 93% of the general public think more needs to be done to replace and reduce the use of animals in testing and research, and that 42% of people see greater funding of alternatives as the most important factor in helping to end the use of animals in testing and research. 

We will use these and other key findings of our global study to  shape our education strategy and advise the scientific communityAlongside, FRAME continues to lobby UK government about improving existing legislation around the use of animals in experiments and testing, challenge the use of genetically altered animals in  research, and  push for more funding  for the development of human-based alternatives to animal models.  

Giving Tuesday is usually the first Tuesday after Black Friday (in 2020, this will be December), but because so many charities are struggling at the moment, #GivingTuesdayNow on the 5 May is a one-off, special additional day to raise awareness of the valuable contribution charities make to society.  Whilst the focus is on thanking essential workers, it also recognises and promotes the work of all our great charities. 

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#GivingTuesdayNow is a unique opportunity for everyone to show their support and thanks to the organisations they love most – whether by giving time, advocacy, skills, support or money, your chosen charity and its beneficiaries will be incredibly grateful.   

As a charity that relies on the generosity of our supporters and donators, we know that no amount is too little and are always extremely grateful for any support to help FRAME achieve its goal of better, more accurate, and more humane science that does not rely on the use of animals. 

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