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Fundraising for FRAME: the early days

In celebration of Volunteers’ Week 2020, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with early supporter of FRAME, Susie Millar.

Here is her story:

“The world is a very small place! On a recent visit to Anna and Gary’s new house in Berkshire, we were catching up on what we were all up to, and as Gary was telling us about their support for a charity working to end animal testing, I butted in and said that as a child I used to plague my neighbours with endless leaflets against animal experimentation, and did a small amount of fundraising. I proudly remembered the name of the charity “FRAME” – they smiled and said that was where they are trustees, and we spent a while discussing the past, the exciting present and the future of the charity, which led me to reminisce on that time in my life.

I can’t remember exactly how I was first introduced to FRAME. Perhaps a leaflet from a friend whose dad was the local vet, but I suspect it was in response to an advert in the quarterly WWF magazine that I subscribed to.

In the prehistoric times before email, everything was done by letter and I remember clearly the excitement of getting my first (of many!) brown box delivery of leaflets and posters to distribute.

At the time – circa 1973 – we had what was called ‘the shed’ at the bottom of the garden. It very quickly became ‘FRAME Kirkcaldy Central Office’ – well, in my head anyway. I think I was about 8- or 9-years old at the time and, having happily posted the hundred or so leaflets through letterboxes on our estate, I asked for more. There then followed many more boxes of leaflets, each more shocking than the last. I don’t know how the neighbours managed to sleep!

I got the vets surgery to take a little stand of leaflets and then organised a garage sale, as they were known as then, which was basically a jumble sale in the front garden. I had a huge table of leaflets, badges and posters which were thrust into the hands of all attendees! I remember we raised around £33 which, to be fair, wasn’t bad back then. Plus, the local Fife Free Press took a picture for the weekly rag.  Sadly, I haven’t managed to find a copy. I did a talk at my school about the work FRAME did and, again, had leaflets and posters aplenty. I felt empowered and like to think I got the message through to a few young minds!

I still hold the same beliefs and will still happily debate the topic. I am frankly honoured to know some of the people involved in its work now and wish FRAME all the growth and support it needs.”

Susie Millar

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