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FRAME launches Innovation Grants for alternatives research

We are very pleased to announce we have launched a new innovation grant funding stream for projects with the potential to replace animal use in biomedical research.

The Innovation Grants are a pilot project funding stream designed to provide small grants to enable scientists to explore innovative ideas and generate proof of principle, to support applications for larger grants in the future.

FRAME exists to promote better science and a more humane and compassionate society by the replacement of animals in medical experiments, drug development and testing. We believe that the accepted practice of using animals for researching human drugs and diseases is fundamentally flawed; however viable human-focussed methods do not yet exist in all areas to replace animal based tests.

Funding research is, and always has been a vital part of our work. We provide funding to support projects that have the potential to reduce or replace animal models & animal derived products, or provide evidence that will improve the current system and research landscape. New methods that focus on human biology, use of human tissue or computer modelling have the potential to provide more relevant data in biomedical research. These methods often start with an idea. The FRAME Innovation Grants provide small pots of funding for initial pilot projects to explore the potential of these ideas and provide evidence for further funding applications for bigger projects.

The path to animal-free medical research, drug development and testing will be long.  It requires both the existence of suitable alternative methods, and culture change by scientists, regulators, funders, and journals. Our vital funds are received through generous donations and gifts from our benefactors and we must ensure they add value and impact to our mission. Supporting pilot projects is an important step in the path to developing and implementing non-animal methods and we are proud to be able to do this.


Innovation Grant applications

The Innovation Grant call will open annually at the end of March and applications must be received by September.

Grant applications will be reviewed by a panel of academics including at least one member of the FRAME Trustee board, FRAME CEO and where possible an expert in the relevant field.

To find out more about the Innovation Grant eligibility criteria and how to apply, click here.

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