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FRAME Joins the Alliance for Human Relevant Science

We’re delighted to announce FRAME has joined The Alliance for Human Relevant Science. The Alliance was launched in 2017 by Safer Medicines Trust, Animal Free Research UK, Kirkstall, Cyprotex, and CN BIO Innovations in the House of Commons with the goal to speed up the transition from animal testing towards human-centred research methods.

FRAME CEO Celean Camp shares “We’re delighted to be joining the Alliance for Human-Relevant Science. FRAME has been championing the promotion of human-relevant methods in research and testing via collaborative working for many years. It is incredibly positive to see so many likeminded organisations joining together for greater impact. I am excited to see what can be accomplished!”

The Alliance has three key aims:

  • Support better science for better health.
  • Save human and animal lives through improved safety and efficacy testing of medicines, and other chemicals.
  • Save money through more relevant research.

These aims strongly align with FRAME’s own goals and collaborative approach to creating a world where non-animal methods are accepted as scientific best practice. We’re excited to work with such a dedicated group to bring about real change, for humans and animals.

How the Alliance for Human Relevant Science plans to change the research landscape

The Alliance for Human Relevant Science has published a new report: Bringing back the human: Transitioning from animal research to human relevant science in the UK – Human Relevant Science. This report highlights funding inequalities between animal-research and non-animal research.

The report shows New Approach Methods, which offer human-relevant, non-animal, research methods, only receive 0.2-0.6% of the biomedical research funding annually granted in the UK.

This means animal research methods receive over 99% of all UK biomedical funding.

While this makes the continued breakthroughs of non-animal research methods more impressive, it also demonstrates the untapped potential of human-centred research.

We believe the current research landscape can change through collaboration with funders, regulators, and researchers to ensure human-relevant approaches receive the funding and priority they deserve.

Want To Get Involved with the Alliance for Human Relevant Science?

If we’re going to change the status quo and ensure New Approach Methods are given the funding and support they deserve, it will take all of us. If you are a scientist, or organisation, who is interested in getting involved – we’re sure the Alliance would love to hear from you.

You can get in touch and apply to join via their website or learn more about the current members.

You can help create a world where human-focussed research is the norm. 

Our mission is to create a world where human-centred science is considered best practice. Together, we can improve the lives of humans and animals. Your donation enable us to continue vital work funding innovative research, supporting young researchers, and educating on animal testing issues. 



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