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Join our Whole Lotta Hoopla challenge!

Join us this September for a Whole Lotta Hoopla!

Every day, scientists are made to jump through hoops to find and use non-animal research methods. This time, we are asking YOU to use hoops to fundraise for FRAME! 

We want a world where non-animal research is the norm. Where scientists can easily find and access modern, non-animal technologies. So, this September, we’re asking you to think outside the box and use hoops in unique ways to complete 4 activities in 4 weeks! Each week, we’re challenging you to do a sponsored activity that involves hoops, putting yourselves in the scientists’ shoes. By asking your friends, family, and colleagues to support your efforts with a donation, you can help to raise awareness and funds for this important cause.

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There are so many ways to have fun and use hoops in your fundraising! You could: 

  • Stage a hula hoop contest with your classmates, friends or family, and see how many spins or tricks people can do. 
  • Bring your friends together for a hoop-inspired afternoon tea, grab some party rings, doughnuts, or bake your own hoop treats. 
  • Scope out a hoop-shaped running route and run hoops round yourself!
  • Use an embroidery hoop to stitch small designs for a donation or sell one larger design and donate your profit.

The list goes on and the possibilities are as infinite as a hoop! Check out our FAQs below for more hoop examples.  

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Get active!

If you’re interested in using a hula hoop in one of your challenges, Rachel from Hula Dancercise can help show you how! Rachel created Hula Dancercise in 2020 and has since been taking the world by storm with her fun and easy to follow hula hoop routines. She has kindly offered to support our challenge, so when you sign up, we’ll send you Rachel’s tutorials and you can hula hoop your way to funding new non-animal research methods. At FRAME, many of us are getting our hula hoops ready and will be right there with you!

Get creative!

Do you want to try something fun and creative? Now's the time to do so by learning how to cross stitch with help from the amazing Lucy from Hoops & Crosses. If you already love to cross stitch using an embroidery hoop or want to try something new, do it while fundraising for a good cause. Lucy is the sole creator of Hoops & Crosses and has been creating colourful and modern designs since 2021. After you sign up, we’ll send you Lucy’s helpful tips on how to cross stitch using an embroidery hoop. Join FRAME in getting creative with our fundraising today!

How will your hard-earned donations support a future without animal research? 

  • Helping fund the FRAME lab’s equipment. Did you know the FRAME lab is the UK’s oldest biomedical lab entirely dedicated to non-animal research? By helping to fund this, we can create and share new scientific methods that don’t use animals.   
  • Educating the community. You can help ensure information about non-animal methods, how to find them, and how to use them, is shared as widely as possible within the scientific community at all levels. 
  • Influencing policy makers. With your support, we could get in the right places to influence policy and strengthen legislative and regulatory frameworks related to animal use and increase commitment to progressing scientific innovation without animal research. 
  • Creating space for groundbreaking research. Every year, we fund scientists through our Innovation Grant scheme to explore innovative ideas, methods and techniques for replacements to animal testing. Your support can help us pave the way to a future without animal testing. 
  • Inspiring scientists. Through supporting our Summer Studentship scheme, you can help us encourage aspiring scientists to try new ways of carrying out lab-based research without the use of animals. 

Because of the work we do at FRAME, more scientists are going into the world of research knowing how to make a difference without needing to use animals. By signing up to our Whole Lotta Hoopla challenge today, you’ll join us to work towards a future where scientists no longer have to jump through hoops.  

With your help, we could be one step closer to a world where scientific progress doesn’t come at the cost of animal suffering.      

Sign up to the Whole Lotta Hoopla challenge


Can’t find an answer in our FAQ? Try asking in our Facebook group or drop us an email at

We’re so excited you want to help us create a world without animal testing! 

All you need to do is fill out our simple sign up form here to get involved. After that, start planning what hoop-related activities you’d like to carry out in September.  

To help support you, we’ve also set up a private Facebook group to meet other people taking on this challenge and have the chance to share support, motivation, and lots of dog pics.

We’ll be sharing lots of ideas in the fundraising guide you receive when you sign up. Here are a few examples… 

  • Bake the biggest or most impressive hoop cake you can - and ask people for donations for a slice 
  • Have a solo hoopathon and see how long you can hoop for. You could even live stream it! Get people to donate an amount based on how long you can hula hoop for 
  • Create an imaginative hoop-inspired makeup look and ask people for donations to re-create the look on them 
  • Take up archery and learn how to shoot an arrow into the centre hoop. Or take up basketball and see how many basketballs you can shoot through a basketball hoop in an hour. Then ask friends and family to select an amount for you to get in and if you achieve it, they have to donate a certain amount of money 

If none of these ideas take your fancy or you have another idea in mind but need help bringing it to life, get in touch with us at and we would be happy to help!  

Of course! We’ve put together a digital fundraising guide for you, which you can access after you sign up, and we’re always available via Facebook to help. 

If this is your first fundraiser, we’re so excited you chose our cause and can’t wait to support you! 

Every pound and penny you raise will go towards funding and promoting non-animal methods. Helping us build the future we want to see, where animals are no longer used in medical or scientific research and testing. We’re entirely funded by donations from amazing supporters like you so anything you could raise would mean the world to us. 

Creating a fundraising page on sites like JustGiving or Facebook Fundraiser is the easiest way to gather donations.  

For a Facebook Fundraiser, you can easily share it with all your friends and family on your friend’s list and Facebook makes sure we receive 100% of any donations you raise. You can use our personalised Facebook Fundraiser link to set up your fundraiser and let people know why you’re fundraising to end animal testing.

Or you could create your own fundraising page through JustGiving, who will help guide you through the process. Your digital fundraiser pack will have lots of helpful information on how to set up your fundraising page and we’re always available to help via email or in the Facebook group if you have any problems. 

If someone wants to donate but doesn’t want to pay through your fundraising page, the easiest way is to collect the donation yourself and then donate to your own fundraiser. This makes it easier for us to track exactly how much you have raised. If this isn’t possible, they can donate using our website on our donation page and add a note they’re donating on behalf of your fundraiser. 

If you would prefer to keep all your donations offline, we have a sponsorship form that you can download and print. You would then need to collect the donations and deposit them into your bank account, then send them to us, which you can do directly to our bank account or through our website. You can download the sponsorship form from page 14 of the fundraising guide.  

There’s absolutely no minimum amount! Whether you raise £5 or £500, it all helps us in our work to raise awareness, educate, and fund replacements to animal testing. If you raise over £100* we will send you one of our ‘Best Team Ever’ FRAME T-shirts as a thank you for your amazing fundraising efforts!  

*Please note we are only able to cover postage costs to the UK.

Of course! While we would encourage you to do a variety of hoop-related activities, you are welcome to do one big challenge for the whole month. Let us know if you need any tips for keeping motivated.   

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