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Supporting FRAME

Donors like you make FRAME’s work to create a world without animal testing possible

Your donation will help us continue to develop and promote alternatives to the use of animals in laboratories. One day, we want to eliminate the need to use laboratory animals in any kind of medical or scientific procedure and we need your help to achieve this.

How do your donations make a difference?

We strive to keep our overhead costs extremely low, so that your donation can be used to make a real difference to the lives of animals and people.

A few of the ways we use donations and legacies include:

  • Funding research projects –both in the FRAME Laboratory and in other laboratories across the globe. We also provide grants to students and researchers to help with the development of alternative methods.
  • We fund students and researchers to develop alternatives and get the skills they need to develop a career in humane research,  as well as provide core support to the FRAME Laboratory, the longest-standing dedicated alternatives research centre in the UK. 
  • Funding educational and outreach work –school projects, developing training materials, publications and events to help train and educate scientists.
  • Funding campaigns and lobbying for legislation change –responding to and advising on national and EU reforms, lobbying the UK Government, and ad-hoc campaigns relating to the use of animals in laboratories.

All your donations help to develop and share knowledge that will improve human health and reduce animal suffering. We want to replace the use of animals in medical experiments in the hope that one day we can live in a world where this is no longer necessary.

Thank you! We are extremely grateful for all donations that we receive

Other ways you can donate to FRAME:

  • Bank transfer: Donate money directly to FRAME as a one-off or regular donation. Please email: or call on +44 (0)115 958 4740 to request the FRAME bank details.
  • Send a Cheque: Please send cheques payable to ‘F.R.A.M.E’ to: FRAME, Cawley House, 149-155 Canal Street, Nottingham, NG1 7HR, UK.

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