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Walk 100 miles with your puppy pal this July and August!

This summer, make a difference to the lives of laboratory animals.

We believe we can build a better future for humans and animals. But we need your help to do it. Join us this summer to walk 100 miles with your canine companion and help us raise vital funds for animal testing alternatives. 

Together, we can create better science for humans and animals.

How can you get involved?




Join our dog-walking challenge Facebook group! Come be part of our supportive community of dog lovers looking to do good this summer. Once you sign up we’ll help you set up your Facebook fundraising page, send you your digital fundraising pack, and more info about your exclusive FRAME fundraising t-shirt.

Thank you for considering fundraising with FRAME. We’re entirely funded by donations from amazing supporters like you so it means the world to us.



Can’t find an answer in our FAQ? Try asking in our Facebook group or drop us an email at

We’re using Facebook Fundraising to host a virtual fundraising challenge where dog, and animal, lovers can come together to raise money to replace animals in medical research. Facebook Fundraisers make it easy to set up your very own fundraising page and we receive 100% of the donations you raise for us so you know every penny is going towards our work.

To help support you, we’ve also set up a private Facebook group to meet other people taking on this challenge and have the chance to share support, motivation, and lots of dog pics.

We’re so excited you want to help us create a world without animal testing!

Use the link above to join our Facebook group where you’ll find an easy form to sign up for your digital fundraising pack, register for your free fundraising t-shirt, and find info on how to set up your Facebook Fundraiser. After that, all you need to do is start planning some pawsome walks with your canine pal over the next few months.

Of course! We’ve put together a digital fundraising guide for you and we’re always available via Facebook to help.

If we’re the first time you’ve chosen to fundraise, we’re so excited you chose our cause and can’t wait to help support you!

Facebook Fundraiser is the easiest way to gather donations. You can easily share it with all your friends and family on your friend’s list and Facebook makes sure we receive 100% of any donations you raise. You can find use our personalised Facebook Fundraiser link to set up your fundraiser and let people know why you’re fundraising to end animal testing.

Your digital fundraiser pack will also have lots of helpful information on how to set up your Facebook Fundraiser and we’re always available to help in the Facebook group if you have any problems.

If someone wants to donate but doesn’t use Facebook, the easiest way is to collect the donation yourself and then donate to your own Facebook fundraiser. This makes it easier for us to track exactly how much we’ve raised. If this isn’t possible, they can donate using our website on our donation page and add a note they’re donating on behalf of your fundraiser.

Whatever works best for you! There are many apps you can use to track your steps and miles, and many mobile phones even have built-in apps like Google Fit. It’s okay if you don’t know your exact miles, it’s the taking part that counts!

Absolutely, we’d love to have you join us!

You could walk with a friend’s dog, try out volunteer dog walking, or take on some solo walks for all the dogs who will spend this summer in laboratories.

While we think 100 miles is a great target – it’s more important to take part. The perfect number of miles to walk is however many you and your dog are comfortable with.

We’ll be sharing safety tips throughout the fundraiser in our Facebook group and you can visit the RSPCA for their tips on keeping your dog safe in the summer.

Basic safety can help make walks more enjoyable like remembering to bring water, regularly applying SPF, and being mindful of the surfaces you’re walking on as materials like asphalt can get very hot on poor doggy paws! If you don’t feel you can walk safely in the weather, or for whatever reason, we’d always recommend skipping your walk that day. Safety comes first for you and pup!

There’s absolutely no minimum amount! Whether you raise £5 or £500, it all helps us in our work to raise awareness, educate, and fund replacements to animal testing.

We’re as excited as you about our fundraising t-shirts! We’ll be sending out t-shirts towards the end of June, ready for the 1st of July, to everyone with an active Facebook Fundraiser page.

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