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Scientific collaborations are a vital part of our work. They allow us to access new knowledge and expertise, which is vital for the pioneering work that we need to do in order find and implement suitable and effective research methods. We are happy to collaborate with industry, academia and likeminded organisations on projects and campaigns that fit with our vision and capacity.

Collaborations between industry partners and the FRAME Laboratory have contributed significantly to ending the use of animals in a variety of toxicology tests.  Collaborations also allow us to educate and inform by sharing our own knowledge and expertise.

The FAL is not a contract research organisation. It does not seek to generate income by carrying out simple compound testing. We aim to form beneficial collaborations that promote non-animal methods but also benefit our industry partners.

Our ideal is to produce data showing biological safety and efficacy of compounds in our models, and subsequently to promote the use of non-animal methods. We aim to do this by sharing the results, through advertising and press releases, as well as publication in scientific journals.

Details of the scope of the work, the methods to be used, finance, timelines and expected outcomes are formally agreed in advance with industry partners. We also ensure that agreement is reached on intellectual property and confidentiality where necessary.

To enable us to continue to develop new and more effective alternatives to animal testing, we are open to potential collaborations with scientists, across all levels, in both academia and industry.

Take a look at our FRAME Laboratory page to find out more about our research and some of our previous collaborations.

If you’d like to discuss a possible research collaboration with FRAME, please contact us.

If you’d like to discuss working with us in any other aspect of our work, then we’d love to hear from you.

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