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How we make a difference
How We Make a Difference

Our work focuses on improving science and replacing the use of animals in research and testing.

How we make a difference

FRAME works to improve scientific efficiency and outcomes by replacing the use of animals in research and testing in medical and bioscience research, and drug discovery and testing for human health. 

We think that the use of animals in research is becoming less supported by the evidence base.  Combined with the development of better alternatives and changing attitudes towards animals within society, we believe that animal research should not be the go-to method.

The Theory of Change

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The current system of research, funding, regulation, discovery and publication has evolved around the requirements for animal research and attempts to control and justify the use of animals.  As a result, it can be difficult to make a change both at an individual and a system level.

We believe that lasting change needs to involve everyone – current and future scientists to embrace new methods, regulators to put more stringent requirements on animal research and enforce these, funders to encourage work that involves non-animal methods to build the evidence base, journal editors to ensure that high quality original research conducted in new ways can be shared and that where animal studies are published they are of high quality and reproducible, and the public to get involved in research and consider donating tissue or organs for scientific research.

Together it is possible to improve outcomes for human health and prevent animal suffering.

FRAME has three strategic goals that underpin the activities that we undertake:

Funding For Research

To ensure that scientific methods for biomedical research that improves upon the use of animals continue to be developed and implemented.

We currently fund research in the following ways:

FRAME Laboratory – We provide a core grant to sustain the work of the FRAME laboratory at the University of Nottingham.

Summer Studentships – We fund studentships for undergraduate students to inspire them to pursue further research in alternatives.

Innovation grants – Launched in 2021 these grants provide funding for proof of concept studies to inform larger grant applications to other funders.

Sharing information

To ensure that information about non-animal methods, how to find, and how to use them is disseminated and shared as widely as possible within the scientific community at all levels.

We do this in a variety of ways:

Alternatives to Laboratory Animals (ATLA) – Our journal, ATLA, is published six times a year and highlights recent research in non-animal methods for researchers to stay abreast of the field.  Sign up for updates via

FRAME Training School in Experimental Design – This FELASA accredited training school gives researchers access to critical information on experimental design and the 3Rs to ensure that animal studies – where they are currently unavoidable – use the fewest animals and cause the minimum suffering.

Summer Symposium – Enabling researchers to come together and learn about the latest research and developments in alternatives.

KS3/4 resources for schools – Launching in 2021, FRAME has developed a set of KS3 and KS4 resources for schools to introduce concepts around the use of animals in science to students in line with the current science curriculum.

Doctoral training – We contribute to training for doctoral students as part of the Doctoral Training Programme at the University of Nottingham.

Resources – We publish a range of resources for students, researchers, members of the public and industry to help you stay informed on issues around animal testing and alternatives.

Creating change

To actively promote uptake of non-animal methods, ensure that barriers to adoption are reduced, and engage in constructive challenge around the inherent problems of animal models.

OpinionsFRAME publishes a number of blogs, articles, and other pieces that promote different perspectives around the adoption of alternatives.  We aim to amplify the voices of those individuals and organisations who share our vision.  If you have something to say and would like to write for us or discuss how we can support your ideas, then please get in touch.

Annual Lecture – Our Annual Lecture invites key members of the world of alternatives to come together, hear about major advances, and discuss how to move forward.

Debates and roundtables – We host occasional debates and round table events to invite experts to share ideas and problem solve the barriers to change.

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