FRAME launches public attitudes to animal testing research

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Animal testing research

FRAME launches public attitudes to animal testing research

FRAME has launched a unique piece of research to identify how informed and aware the general public is about animal testing and research for medical, chemical and cosmetic purposes, as well as alternatives to animal use.

FRAME will use the results of the research to help educate the public of all ages, its existing supporters and corporate organisations, on the use of animals in research and testing.

In addition, FRAME plans to use the findings to lobby UK government to improve existing legislation, reduce the use of genetically altered animals in research, and provide more funding for the development of human-based alternatives to animal models.

FRAME Scientific Liaison Officer Amy Beale explains: “Even though there have been scientific advances in recent years and some improvements in regulation, there are still many misconceptions about the use of animals in testing and research.

“The research is part of FRAME’s wider philosophy and commitment to finding human-relevant alternatives to animal testing, and to improving public understanding.

“The results of the survey will give us fresh insights to help us provide the public with accurate information about how animals are used in research and testing and the legislation that is currently in place. We hope it will also importantly raise awareness of available alternative research techniques that can provide better knowledge and outcomes for human health.

“The move away from using animals in research and testing is frustratingly slow – developing validated alternative models and ensuring their mainstream use is not a quick process, and there is a reluctance to move away from traditional models. FRAME actively works to educate and encourage the scientific community to embrace human-based techniques, and the findings of the survey will help inform and drive our education strategy going forward.” she adds.

To complete the survey, please visit:

The survey is open until the end of January 2020: “We invite anyone in the UK to take part and share their views and comments,” Amy says, “and all responses are anonymous.”

The full report on the findings of the survey will be published early next year on the FRAME website and all participants will receive a copy by email if contact details are provided at the end of the survey.

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