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ATLA - Alternatives to Laboratory Animals

New issue of ATLA

The new issue (44.3) of FRAME’s scientific journal ATLA is out now.

The contents include:

EDITORIAL: First thoughts on the effects on the protection of laboratory animals of the UK’s departure from the European Union
M. Balls

The use of in vivo, ex vivo, in vitro, computational models and volunteer studies in vision research and therapy, and their contribution to the Three Rs
R.D. Combes & A.B. Shah

More than 70 years of pyrogen detection: Current state and future perspectives
S. Fennrich, U. Hennig, L. Toliashvili, C. Schlensak, H.P. Wendel & S. Stoppelkamp

Evaluation of non-animal methods for assessing skin sensitisation hazard: A Bayesian Value-of-Information analysis
M. Leontaridou, S. Gabbert, E.C. Van Ierland, A.P. Worth & R. Landsiedel

Exploring waiving opportunities for mammalian acute systemic toxicity tests
R. Graepel, D. Asturiol, P. Prieto & A.P. Worth

Local tolerance testing under REACH: Accepted non-animal methods are not on equal footing with animal tests
U.G. Sauer, E.H. Hill, R.D. Curren, H.A. Raabe, S.N. Kolle, W. Teubner, A. Mehling & R. Landsiedel

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