Latest issue of ATLA now available

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ATLA - Alternatives to Laboratory Animals

Latest issue of ATLA now available

The new issue (44.2) of FRAME’s scientific journal ATLA is out now.

The contents include:

EDITORIAL: Concerns that animal testing continues without scientific justification
M. Balls.

Stakeholders views on the creation and use of genetically-engineered animals in research
E.H. Ormandy.

Evaluation of an in vitro cell culture assay for the potency assessment of recombinant human erythropoietin
F.T. Machado, F.P.S. Maldaner, R.F. Perobelli, B. Xavier, F.S. da Silva, G.W. de Freitas, P. Bartolini, M.T.C.P. Ribela and S.L. Dalmora.

The use of a decision tree based on the rabies diagnosis scenario, to assist the implementation of alternatives to laboratory animals
V.C. Bones and C.F.M. Molento.

Assessment of in vitro COPD models for tobacco regulatory science: Workshop proceedings, conclusions and paths forward for in vitro model use
H. Behrsing, H. Raabe, J. Manuppello, B. Bombick, R. Curren, K. Sullivan, S. Sethi, R. Phipps, Y. Tesfaigzi, S. Yan, Carl D’Ruiz, R. Tarran, S. Constant, G. Phillips, M. Gaça, P. Hayden, X. Cao, C. Mathis, J. Hoeng, A. Braun and E. Hill.

Transparency and public involvement in animal research
P. Pound and R. Blaug.

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