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Home Office animal welfare stakeholder meeting

As part of its policy of collaboration with Government, industry and academia, FRAME regularly attends the Home Office Animal Welfare Stakeholder Meetings to share information and data.

At the latest meeting Home Office officials warned that the report of statistics on procedures carried out on laboratory animals in the UK will be delayed this year because of new requirements in recording. The figures are now due for release in October.

The UK ban on testing household products on animals is set to go ahead as planned in October. The new regulations also set out a definition of household products – generally items bought by the public for use at home. This includes cleaning materials, polishes, detergents, paint and decorating materials, laundry products and adhesives. It does not cover pesticides, or products intended for use by professionals in an industrial setting.

The meeting heard about work being done by the Home Office advising the Chinese government on various aspects of laboratory animal welfare. They have been working with the Chinese:
• to develop national standards of animal welfare related to animal experiments, including an interactive seminar involving 200 delegates.
• holding training courses on safety assessment for cosmetics to highlight all the information and resources that are available including non-animal methods when making decisions
• working with them on legislative change regarding cosmetics
• working with HMRA (Health and Medicines Regulatory Authority) to help the Chinese Food and Drug Administration to join the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) mutual acceptance of data scheme. Once they are a member it should reduce duplication of regulatory tests for pharmaceuticals

The Home Office has also been advising the Brazilian government on how to implement an effective ban on cosmetics testing.

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