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Who is FRAME?

Public Access to Frame Publication Database

Throughout its almost 50 year history FRAME’s researchers have authored very many scientific papers in both its own journal and others. They have also submitted articles to publications aimed at lay people, in order to promote the Three Rs to educators and the general public.

In addition they have written or translated a number of books and contributed chapters in texts by other authors. Taken together, the works provide a vast store of specialist knowledge and expertise.

Until now the only place that all those writings could be found together was in the library at FRAME’s Nottingham offices, but a new project is aiming to put that right. FRAME is setting up a database to record all its past publications so that they can be found quickly and easily. It will be fully searchable by various topics including author, date, and publication type.

Obviously, many of the papers predate the Web, although some older papers have been put online by their journal publishers. The database includes links to articles that can be found online as well as pdfs for those that are not available electronically.

For the immediate future access will be limited to FRAME personnel, but it is planned to make it public once it is complete. Some articles are still subject to distribution rights, but it is hoped that public access can be made available to abstracts as a minimum.

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