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FRAME's 12 days of Christmas

This festive season, we’re doing something different. 

December is typically one of the busiest times of the year for charities. But we don’t feel comfortable only asking for donations this year. We know that December is an expensive month for many, so we wanted to highlight ways you can really make a difference to FRAME and your other favourite charities without spending a lot.

So instead, we’re celebrating the 12 days of Christmas by looking at 12 ways you can support charities!

Starting on Monday 12 December we’ll be highlighting different ideas on our social media channels, so make sure you’re following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. We will also be sharing updates on this page along with useful resources and links to help you give back this Christmas to the charities you care about.

Gifts are a wonderful way to share your love and show people how much you care about them.

It is also an opportunity to give back to your favourite charities, and at no extra cost to you!                

By shopping through 

You can select the charity you want to support and they will get a donation every time you shop online at a participating store or deal. 

To select FRAME search for ‘The Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments’ or charity number 1176266 on your chosen platform. 

And don’t forget you can even add Easy Fundraising and Give as you Live onto your browser as an add-on, so it will let you know every time there is a donation available!

Give a little extra this Christmas with shop to give!

Day 2 - Speak to your MP

Your MP is there to support your community and champion for you in parliament. It is important to let your local MP know about the causes that matter to you and your local area, in a respectful and collaborative manner. By working together we can ensure the UK Government hears our voice, and helps us work towards a future without the use of animals in scientific or medical research, testing or education. You can contact your MP via email, letter or seek them out on social media. The first step is to find your local MP: you can do this on the UK Parliament website.

A gift in your will is an amazing way to celebrate the causes you care about when you are no longer with us. These gifts are hugely important to all charities and contribute over £3 billion annually to the sector! 

You don’t need to be giving billions to give a gift in your will though. All gifts are greatly appreciated and will go to help the causes close to your heart. The average gift given in a will is £50,000.

You can find out more about leaving a legacy to FRAME on this page or by contacting our team at

Remember to always speak to a legal professional about your will to ensure it is legal and valid. 

How do social follows help FRAME, you may ask?

Social media allows us to connect with our current supporters and new people, sharing our work and updating people on our progress. 

Each channel has its own voice so pick the one, or four, that resonate best with you!

  • On Twitter we share the latest news and insights in non-animal research.
  • On Instagram we share the latest updates on our work.
  • On TikTok we share comments on current public news stories.
  • On LinkedIn we share updates on FRAME and any job opportunities.
  • On Facebook we share comment pieces, blogs and showcase some of our amazing fundraisers! 

Sharing what we post on socials can show your circle why increasing funding for non-animal research matters, and how they can get involved.

Stay social this festive season!

Be a part of the solution!

Having human engagement with research of all types is an amazing way to ensure we have human-relevant science. You can get involved in many different types of research, from surveys and opinions to medical trials.

You can ask your doctor or a patient organisation if they know of any clinical trials you might be eligible to join or you can find out more on the Be Part of Research website.

Day 6 - Put the 'fun' in fundraising!

Fundraising is one of the most enjoyable ways to work with charities. Step out of your comfort zone in 2023 and set yourself a fundraising challenge. Either by taking part in a charity-organised activity during the year, for example, this summer, we hosted a fantastic dog-walking challenge. Or you can come up with your own fundraising mission to inspire donations. Fundraising is a great way to meet like-minded people who share your values. You can raise money, achieve something and make new friends. Sounds pretty fun to us!

Day 7: Sign up to hear from the charities you love

Show your support for a charity by signing up for their communications At FRAME, we try to keep our emails informative and infrequent! They’re our way to show people what we’ve been up to and highlight the latest industry news we think may be of interest. And the more our email list grows, the better the emails will become. Because we’ll be able to see what’s most important to people by what they’re interacting with. We also mail out a twice-yearly supporter magazine that summarises the work you are helping to support. So not only does subscribing keep you up to date, it helps us too!

Every charity appreciates some extra hands!

Volunteering is a really practical way to help charities and a great way to meet like-minded people. Charities may have a range of volunteering options to fit around different lifestyles, so if you have a few hours to give, why not drop a message and see how you can help?

At FRAME, there are many ways you can volunteer depending on your experience and if you have a scientific background. We have volunteers working on our Scientific Advisory Panel, supporting on our fundraising and researching identified areas of interest.

Our volunteers are all passionate and supportive individuals who believe strongly in our vision of a world where non-animal methods are considered scientific best practice. So if you’ve ever wanted to be part of the FRAME team, you can find out more about volunteering for FRAME or get in touch at

If you’re passionate about the work FRAME and other non-animal charities do, then donating tissue is a fantastic way to indirectly help our causes.

Tissue donation refers to any type of human material (including blood, skin or hair). Donated tissues can then be used in experiments, ultimately reducing the need for animal research.

If you’re interested, one thing you can do is enquire with your GP or next time you have a hospital appointment to find out if you would be eligible. You can also can sign up to be a part of donor lists such as the Anthony Nolan Stem Cell donor list.

Day 10 - Donate

Donations are always appreciated by charities to help them achieve their missions. At FRAME we are so grateful to all of our donors for helping continue our work funding and promoting non-animal methods. We believe that together we can create a better future, for animals and humans. So if you have some spare pennies this Christmas please consider making a donation to FRAME.

Raising awareness of a small charity with your friends and family is a great way to support them.

Especially for charities like FRAME, which aren’t as well known. Simply explaining what we’re trying to achieve to friends and family can really help. Having a conversation about charities can also be inspiring to everyone involved:

  • Discovering which causes are close to your loved ones’ hearts
  • Learning about charities you perhaps didn’t even know existed
  • Planning fundraising activities you could do together

If you’d like to help by spreading the word about FRAME, here are some of our most popular resources to help you

💚 The ‘who we are’ page on our website, which explains what we’re trying to achieve and how we’re getting there.

✨ View and vote for our inspiring video ‘FRAME will be there‘.

🐭 The Guide to mice in scientific and medical research which includes some top tips on speaking about our cause.

Day 12 - Look after yourself!

It’s the final day of our 12 days of Christmas and we’ve saved one of the most important for last - don’t forget to look after yourselves. The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re already supporting FRAME by engaging with our festive posts, so thank you! We just wanted to take the chance to remind you to take care of yourself and give yourself grace. December can be a stressful time of the year, on top of a rather stressful last few years! But in this season, which is so often about bringing joy to others, it is important to also look after your own mental health. If you’re needing a little bit of support, the charity Mind has a great list of resources on different topics. Follow the button to find out more. Without people caring like you, FRAME wouldn’t be able to have the impact we have. So thank you for being you and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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