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2.76 million

scientific procedures were carried out using animals in 2022 in Great Britain.

£7 million

total awarded to the FRAME lab, the UK’s oldest lab dedicated to non-animal research.

1.25 Million

scientific procedures were for the creation or breeding of genetically altered animals.


of funding was awarded by FRAME to research replacing animals in 2021.

Our story

For over 50 years, FRAME has worked tirelessly to replace animals in medical experiments.

Originally founded in 1969 by animal-lover Dorothy Hegarty, FRAME was established to work with researchers and institutions to end animal testing. Today, we champion Dorothy’s legacy across the world by funding innovative science, sharing cutting-edge non-animal methods, and educating on human-relevant approaches to research.

Our vision is a world where no animal suffers for science.

Join us as we work to replace animal testing with human-relevant science.

Together, we will create a better world for animals and humans.

Did you know?

2.76 Million

Scientific procedures involving live animals were carried out in Great Britain in 2022, a 10% decrease from 3.06 million in 2021.

Did you know?


of all procedures used mice, rats, birds, or fish.

Did you know?

10% decrease

in scientific procedures involving live animals compared to 2021.

Create a better world, for animals and humans

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Innovation Grant
Status: Ongoing

Identifying the signals used by breast cancer cells to spread to other places in the body

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Status: Completed

Using human liver cells to understand the impact of a high-sugar diet without the use of animals

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Status: Completed

Stem Cell Models: Non-animal research into neurodegenerative diseases

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